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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

Programs for virtual events

I am proud to be an officially Certified Virtual Presenter by eSpeakers. Click on the badge to see the qualifications required for this designation.

This is a tough time for associations and event professionals, as well as businesses who prioritize training programs for their staff and leadership.

Instead of cancelling events outright, many groups have pivoted from in-person to virtual events in order to keep their people engaged and learning.

Creating virtual programs that are engaging and interactive presents a special challenge for speakers, but with careful thought and adjustments, it can be done!

Content for your association or business newsletter, online magazine, or blog

Finding consistent, interesting and relevant content for your members is a time-consuming challenge.

I have an article bank with informative pieces that address leadership and HR challenges in decision making and overcoming cognitive illusions, shortcuts, and biases.

Contact me for more information.

Virtual Keynotes and workshop sessions

For conferences that have shifted to a virtual format, this is a great way to maintain both the personal engagement and the social distancing.

Each keynote session listed on the speaking programs page can be presented live via Zoom or other remote meeting app. While some of the interactive elements are re-imagined, the virtual keynotes contain the same content, stories and great take-aways, and even some elements of mental and visual magic to make them memorable and fun as well as provocative.

Your audience and event are unique so I customize my program to make it unique for you as well. Whether your group is business owners, managers, HR professionals, or anyone else who would like to perform better in their decision making, I learn about issues specific to your industry or niche so I can make my content as relevant as possible.

Live Webinars

For stand-alone virtual sessions, I offer one hour webinars on:

    - critical thinking skills

    - Internal illusions and cognitive biases

    - values-based decision making

    - Decision Q.A. (Quality Assurance)

    - Improving assessments

Like my virtual keynote programs, my live webinars can be customized to specific needs of the audience and their domain. 

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