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About Steve


My journey to becoming a speaker on mind performance and illusions has taken several twists and turns​ along the way.

I had a successful 30 year career in information systems as a program developer, systems engineer, and product manager. I was also a business analyst for a Fortune 500 insurance company and held the title of Vice-President of Performance Measurement Systems for a healthcare information corporation.

In 2011 I forged a new path by launching my own entertainment business as a magician and mentalism, performing shows across the U.S. for corporate and private audiences.

Through my study of magic and the psychology of illusions, I discovered how the subconscious mind invisibly affects human behavior and decision making.

I explore the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science to gain a deeper understanding of cognitive illusions: biases, heuristics (mental shortcuts), and other distortions and irrational impulses that guide how we think, feel, decide, and solve problems.

What I discovered is that these insights have valuable applications in the domains of leadership, relationships, culture, communication, productivity, and creativity.

I am also a past President of the National Speakers Association Kentucky chapter and an avid strategy board game player and puzzle solver.


With my daughters, Lindsay and Tara.


My highest level goal is to help people find new ways to think and make decisions so they can elevate their ability to solve their problems and achieve their goals. I strive to use my unique combination of experiences, education, talents, passions, and crazy ideas to bring a new perspective to thinking and mind performance.

My values also drive my work, so please check out my 

Values Statement page

Click here to learn about my area of expertise - "mind performance"

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