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Values statement

As a speaker, my products are knowledge, ideas, and inspiration for positive change. My goal is to help people become better through self-awareness about how they think, process information, and make decisions.


Of course, what "better" means is up to the individual, but I help them develop a clear understanding of the goals they want to achieve and the values they want to espouse.

Here are the high-level core values that I hope come through in my thinking, decisions, and actions as both a person and a trusted business partner.



I value the sincere effort to understand the perspective of other people, especially those that have vastly different ideas and experiences from my own. While we cannot know precisely how someone else feels, it is only through listening with one's ears, mind and heart that we can hope to make progress together and achieve greater things.


Thinkfulness is my invented word that means to exercise deliberate and thoughtful consideration before acting. Most of the things we say or do that we later regret are the result of not taking the extra step to consider 1st and 2nd level consequences and to filter our actions and decisions through our values. I strive to not succumb to reactive emotional impulse but to exercise emotional intelligence, metacognition, and mindfulness.


I value being a good steward of the trust that my clients and colleagues place in me by keeping my commitments and delivering on my promises. Developing and maintaining high-trust relationships is key to success in business and in life.

Growth Mindset

I value openness of heart and mind and striving to continually learn and grow, maintaining flexibility in my beliefs, knowledge, and wisdom.

Restraint from Judgment of Others

Each of us has a worldview and belief system formed by a unique soup of ingredients. Those ingredients include our DNA, chemicals, experiences, education and many other factors. While another person may behave in ways that I find offensive or abhorrent, I cannot possibly know that person's complex mix of ingredients and how I would behave with that same mix. Therefore, while it is important to judge and speak out against bad behavior, I value restraining from judging others. That kind of judgment is above my pay grade.

It is important to note that I do believe we must all take responsibility for our actions and decisions, but since I do not know what another person has gone through, judgment is illogical and potentially harmful.

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