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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

Client Reviews

Client Reviews

“Steve’s program was fascinating, enjoyable, engaging. We got to see something that wasn't a typical HR presentation - something that they can look internally and take away some good lessons and ways to look at their own internal biases.”

  - Ed Volk, Greater Cincinnati HR Association

“Steve really showed how the brain can be tricked into making certain decisions in a certain way. I was impressed how he built from one model to the next and how he related it to real world decisions and evaluations. It was excellent!”

   - Roger Buskill, Association for Talent Development

“It was really an engaging, interesting presentation - something you don’t think about when you think about how the subconscious mind controls your day-to-day thinking, including in the workplace. All of our HR professionals were really engaged and they liked that it was a different type of presentation than we’re normally used to. Steve was a great part of our conference and hopefully we can work together again.“

  - Robbie Perkins, President IPMA-Human Resources, Ky chapter

"He did an amazing job, we laughed, we were in awe, and we love that he brought illusion and neuroscience together. to show us how to overcome mind blocks. and we can really apply that information with our clients as well."

  - Janice Smith, President, Ky Speech, Hearing and Language Assoc.

It was extremely entertaining, it was funny, but more importantly it uncovered some things we didn’t know about ourselves and how we think about many things that are in everyday life and how we’ll think about them differently. I highly recommend it. It was a great presentation and very educational.”

- Andrew Backen, Executive VP, Touchstone Merchandise Group

“Steve is one of those rare personalities where his authentic self shines through during his presentations, so you have high likability as well as high level entertainment!  I’ve seen Steve present several times and it never feels repetitive, and it never gets old. FIVE STARS!

  - Maggie Harlow, owner Sign-a-rama Louisville

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