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Guest interviews for News, TV, radio, podcast shows and print

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Steve Haffner is an expert in helping people make better decisions and is ready to give your viewers, listeners and readers valuable insights and strategies on a wide variety of relevant topics.

Steve has a virtual studio with high-speed hard-wired internet, professional lighting, camera and sound for high quality video segments.

Story angles and interview topics

Strategies for overcoming the hidden illusions that undermine performance

How I made the leap from corporate professional to magician

Building higher trust relationships and cultures

Thriving and surviving through major disruptions

Handling misdirection and distraction

Strategies for improving decision quality

Magicians' secrets for building trust and creating magic

Steve's Media appearances


Louisville Courier-Journal

Louisville mentalist can help you trick your mind into keeping your New Year's resolutions



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Guest Blog posts

Achievers Blog - How to Overcome Cognitive Biases in HR Decision Making and Personal Assessments

Talent Culture - How to Confront ‘Lizard Brain’ and Make Better Decisions at Work

Print / online publications

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