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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

The trust advantage.jpg

The Trust Advantage

Discover the astonishing dividends of your greatest asset

Audience: Business owners, executives, managers

Keynote program focus: Leadership, culture, customer and employee relationships

Whether you are struggling with employee engagement and retention, productivity issues or getting more business, many of the problems faced by professionals and businesses stem from a lack of trust. Elevating trust will make an enormous difference in every aspect of your work and life. The problem is that our safety-seeking brains prefer mistrust over trust.

In this insightful and entertaining program, Steve, a former professional magician, gives a new perspective on trust. He shows how magicians build trust with an audience that doesn’t trust them, and how the brain’s subconscious illusions, distortions, biases and misperceptions create mistrust.

Most importantly, Steve provides strategies for overcoming these common illusions that lead to mistrust.


Key Take-aways from The Trust Advantage:


- Learn strategies to recognize and overcome the illusions that create mistrust and suspicion.

Build trustworthiness by keeping your resources aligned with your goals, priorities, and values.

Explore how to avoid the “false certainty” bias that subverts your credibility.

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