mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

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The Trust Advantage

 The astonishing benefits of unmasking the illusions that undermine trust

Audience: Business owners, executives, managers

Keynote program focus: Leadership, culture, brand consistency, customer and employee relationships

The leadership trait that most directly contributes to our success is trust. Unfortunately, surveys show that trust in institutions and organizations is at an all-time low.

As leaders and professionals we need to recognize the causes of low trust, which often originate as illusions produced by the human brain. These mental distortions, shortcuts, and cognitive biases can be enormous barriers to trust.

In this compelling and entertaining program, Steve illustrates how magicians leverage trust and how to use similar methods to increase customer and employee trust. He shares strategies for overcoming the subconscious distrust that keeps us from getting the most out of our professional and personal relationships.


Steve helps audience members discover:

  • strategies for overcoming the illusion of distrust and suspicion that derives from our brain’s impulse to keep us safe and undermines our professional relationships.

  • how our attention, time and energy are easily misdirected and how to re-direct our resources back to our goals, priorities, and values. 

  • how to recognize the illusion of the “overconfidence bias” which allows faulty self-assessment and false certainty to subvert our trustworthiness.