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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

Caution - invisible mind blocks at work.

Caution! Invisible Mind Blocks at WORK

How to defeat subconscious negativity, deceptions and resistance in the workplace

Keynote program focus: Human resources, culture, employee retention

Invisible mind blocks are the subconscious deceptions, shortcuts and reactive biases that negatively affect decision making. To create the most productive and positive workplace environment, we must recognize and overcome these counter-productive impulses.

From hiring processes to employee policies, workplace decisions can be the result of the primitive hidden influences of the reptilian brain, resulting in decisions that do not align with organizational goals and values. Recognizing these influences  can pay dividends in productivity and employee retention.


Steve will show the audience:
- how to improve personal assessments, including hiring processes and performance evaluations
- the key to developing trust by overcoming impulsive negativity and suspicion that can prevent a positive work environment
- how to encourage innovation by understanding “lizard brain” resistance to change
- how collaboration and teamwork can enhance their decision making skills

Read my interview with TalentCulture on confronting the "lizard brain" at work

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