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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

Disruptions, Deceptions and Decisions

Breaking through illusions to make
great decisions in times of uncertainty

Keynote program focus: Leadership, change management, critical thinking skills

In times of major turbulence and disruption it is more important than ever to improve our decision making skills. The best decisions are those that offer the highest probability of achieving our goals while also reflecting our core values. The uncertainty and stress of
a crisis, however, can magnify the mental illusions that sabotage our ability to think clearly and make decisions that perform well.

In this interactive program, former psychological illusionist Steve Haffner provides insights and strategies to elevate decision performance. Attendees learn to recognize and outsmart their own self-illusions - the mental shortcuts, cognitive biases, and impulsive
negativity that are amplified by disruption, and apply the strategies to their own thinking, judgment and decision making processes.

In this program Steve helps the audience discover:

 - three effective strategies for making better decisions in the face of disruption

 - the subconscious brain wiring that subverts clear and effective leadership
 - how to unmask the three self-illusions that get elevated in a crisis
 - the self-deceptions that insert false information into your decisions

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Confront the Lizard - heads.jpg

Confront the Lizard

Build trust and loyalty by outsmarting your erroneous cognitive impulses

Do you struggle to keep your decisions consistent with your brand? Do you and your team make judgment errors that you feel could have been avoided? Do your actions foster an environment of trust with your customers and staff?  


Our success is determined by how well our decisions align with our goals and values. However, we are frequently thwarted by our inner “lizard brain” and its subconscious shortcuts, impulses and biases that falsely influence our decision making.


In this program that is both compelling and educational, participants discover how to increase customer and employee trust and loyalty by improving their decision performance, ensuring consistency between their decisions and their brand.

Key Takeaways

- Learn the self-deceptions that thwart great decision making

- Discover why metacognition is essential to peak performance

- Learn how to adopt Personal Quality Assurance to decrease errors
- Adopt strategies for maintaining values-based decision making

Caution - invisible mind blocks at work.

Caution! Invisible Mind Blocks at WORK

How to defeat subconscious negativity, deceptions and resistance in the workplace

Human Resources Professionals

Invisible mind blocks are the subconscious deceptions, shortcuts and reactive biases that negatively affect decision making. To create the most productive and positive workplace environment, we must recognize and overcome these counter-productive impulses.

From hiring processes to employee policies, workplace decisions can be the result of the primitive hidden influences of the reptilian brain, resulting in decisions that do not align with organizational goals and values. Recognizing these influences  can pay dividends in productivity and employee retention.

Key Takeaways
- Improve your personal assessments, including hiring processes and performance evaluations
- Develop trust by overcoming impulsive negativity and suspicion that can prevent a positive work environment
- Discover how to encourage innovation by understanding “lizard brain” resistance to change
- Learn how collaboration can enhance your decision making skills

Read my interview with TalentCulture on confronting the "lizard brain" at work

Creativity for professionals

Indispenably creative 4.jpg

Indispensably Creative

Elevate your value by transforming your unique creativity into your biggest professional asset

Creativity is frequently cited as a must-have job skill for 21st century professionals. Unfortunately, most people fail to fully develop this important part of their professional toolkit.

In this insightful and interactive program, audience members learn strategies and methods for applying creative techniques to problem solving and how they handle their workplace challenges.

No matter how non-creative you believe you are, expanding your creative capacity will make you a more valuable asset to your organization, improve your decision performance, and make work more fun.

Key Takeaways

- Overcome the common myths and mind blocks about creativity
- Develop the mental habits and mindset that prepare your brain for creative thinking
- Learn Steve’s “wrack and rest” method for creative problem solving 
- Discover how to fuel your imagination with insights from other domains and apply them to your work. 

Motivational self-improvement for all professionals

From a-ha to ta-da.jpg

From A-ha to TA-DA!

Unleash your magical potential
by unmasking your invisible

Each of us has amazing performance potential, but to reach it we must recognize and break through the self-deceptions that are barriers to our success.

In this motivational and entertaining program, learn from a former professional magician (a master of deception) how to achieve “Ta-da!” self-improvements by recognizing and overcoming the false beliefs and stories that can trick us into negativity, fear and settling for the status quo. 


Key Takeaways

- Challenge what you believe about yourself and your own motivations.
- Learn when to trust - and when to question - your intuition.
- Learn to excel by overcoming the diabolical status quo bias
- Perform at your best by defeating irrational “lizard brain level” fear and negativity

“The audience was fascinated and enjoyed the interactive nature of Steve's presentation. Seeing is believing...WOW!”

    - Steve Burke, Regional Vice-President, Helms-Briscoe

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