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The Stress of Coordinating Events

I couldn't believe it!

CareerCast compiled a list of the most stressful jobs of 2014. Not surprisingly, the top spots went to professions such as military general, airline pilot and firefighter. What is surprising (at least to me) is that coming in at #5 is Event Coordinator.

You can read the list here.

Though I am in the events industry, I am not a coordinator, so I am speaking from the perspective of an outsider. I do realize that it is a stressful job, but is it really more stressful than being a police officer or corporate executive?

Maybe so. I've heard event coordinators mention a number of factors that cause stress on their job, such as accommodating emotional clients, dealing with last minute changes, budgets that are reduced mid-project, unprofessional vendors, technology failures, and even weather issues.

Being the overseer of a high dollar event does put a great deal of pressure on the coordinator, whose reputation is on the line with each event. When all of the work is culminated in front of a large audience, any mistake, even those outside the event planners' control, will be witnessed by everyone.

So while event planning usually does not put lives at risk (certain concert situations excepted), there are many people with a stake in the game who are counting on near perfection and if not delivered, the results can be harrowing.

After further consideration, I definitely won't disagree with the inclusion of Event Coordinator on the list. Would you? If so - leave a comment and tell us why.

- Steve


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