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Social Media at Events

In the events industry there is a wide array of opinion on the use of social media. Some would prefer that attendees be as "unplugged" as possible so that they are more mentally present during the presentations and networking portions.

Others find social media as a great way to promote the event, generate interest during it, and have found many other uses as well.

Julius Solaris at Event Manager Blog has put together an impressive collection of insights and links titled Social Media for Events. It covers how to successfully leverage social media for events, using survey data compiled from the responses of 1,300 event professionals.

The information is free and can be found here.

Whether you currently use social media or not, there is much to be learned from others in the industry. It also allows you to see how your use of social media compares to your peers in event management.

Knock 'em dead!

- Steve


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