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Mind Bending
Corporate Entertainment

Steve's mentalism programs are interactive and compelling entertainment that creates an experience of amazement and intrigue. Often funny and always fun, the programs have a variety of twists and unexpected surprises.

What is mentalism? The audience participates in theatrical demonstrations of psychological illusion, including mind reading, predictions, subliminal influence, lie detection, and more. Also, some routines can be customized for your organization and audience for a one-of-a-kind performance.

Please note that Steve does not present himself as a psychic or medium, but as an entertainer creating magical moments of wonder.

Entertainment formats include stage shows, strolling, and MC services.

Stage Shows

"Steve's program was great! Best entertainment I've hired to date."   Amy Durbin, AkzoNobel

When you need entertainment that is intelligent, fun, and memorable, Steve's stage banquet show is a perfect fit.


As after-dinner entertainment at banquets, awards dinners, and holiday parties, Steve provides a fantastic stage show of amazing mentalism, engaging the audience and providing moments that will be remembered long after the event.

Stage shows can be any length and customized to perfectly fit the venue and audience size.

  • ​Clean and appropriate for all corporate audiences​

  • Flexible length to meet the requirements of your event

  • Highly interactive, so your guests are an integral part of the program.

Client reviews

Steve's stage mentalism show is perfect for:

  • Awards ceremonies

  • Client appreciation dinners

  • Holiday parties

  • After-dinner entertainment

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Conference programs

  • Association meetings

Strolling close-up Performances

Add intrigue to the cocktail hour, reception or pre-dinner period with strolling performances, where the entertainment is close-up and personal.  

Steve approaches small groups of guests and engages them  with amazing displays of mind mysteries. This is a great addition to a stage show, or as a stand-alone option.

As with all of Steve's corporate entertainment, it is 100% corporate clean, interactive, and customizable to include your company's name, logo, products, or any other company specific topic.

A typical performance for each small group ranges from 3-15 minutes each, depending on the size of the group and time constraints.

Strolling entertainment is great for:

  • Receptions

  • Company parties

  • Cocktail Hours

  • Luncheons

  • Hospitality

Steve brings a captivating twist to the role of MC, providing short mentalism routines between speakers and acts, and serving as your event's facilitator.


He will intersperse short, fun, mentalism routines into his MC presentations, to give added flavor and memorability to the event.


His MC program is perfect for company awards ceremonies, introducing key personnel and announcing winners.

MC Services

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