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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

Speaking programs for educators

and school administrators

Keynote and breakout session programs for teachers, school administrators and anyone involved in the education of children or adults. Great for in-service or other professional development initiatives.

The Trust Advantage in Education

How high trust propels schools and educators to greater success

The Teacher's Trust Advantage video introduction

Study after study shows that for students, teachers and schools to maximize their achievement and growth potential, the most essential ingredient is trust.

To succeed, education professionals must recognize the causes of low trust which often originate as illusions produced by the subconscious brain. These mental distortions, shortcuts, and cognitive biases can be enormous barriers to trust.

In this entertaining program, Steve illustrates techniques magicians use to build and leverage trust with their audience, and shows how the same methods can build trust in our own work and lives.


He also demonstrates how magicians fool the brain and how those same subconscious illusions can create barriers to trust.

The audience learns strategies for overcoming the subconscious distrust that keeps us from getting the most out of our professional and personal relationships.


Key takeaways include:

  • Learn strategies for overcoming the distrust and suspicion that spring from uncertainty and subvert our relationships in the classroom and the conference room.

  • Discover how the key element that makes great magicians’ performances memorable is also the key to gaining the trust of those we work with.

  • Learn how tricking your brain with “non-negotiables” can contribute to the consistency needed to develop high-trust environments and relationships.

  • Embrace the magic of teamwork as a catalyst for building trust.

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