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You and every member of your organization are constantly being fooled by your own illusions. Why? Because the human mind is incredibly easy to deceive. And these deceptions are preventing you from performing at your best, achieving your goals, and living your values.

Like a con artist uses subterfuge, misdirection and lies to fool you, your own brain creates false perceptions and illusions that undermine your ability to be savvy, trustworthy, and a great decision maker.

Steve Haffner understands deception because he made a living at it. As a former professional magician, he can help you unmask your mental distortions, shortcuts and biases that interfere with your performance and your organization’s success. You will unmask and debunk your own illusions.


I was impressed how you built from one model to the next and related it to real world decisions and evaluations. It was excellent!”

                  - Roger Buskill,  Association for Talent Development

With Steve's programs on trust, peak performance, thriving through disruptions, and productivity, audiences have a blast learning the hidden illusions of the subconscious mind and how to overcome them to perform at their best.

All of Steve's programs can be presented as either an in-person or virtual experience.

Steve encourages values-based decision making. Check out his Values Statement.

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Get smart! Enjoy Steve's weekly insights on decision making, critical thinking, illusion debunking, productivity, and peak performance.

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