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Virtual and in-person presentations for associations and businesses to elevate the performance and productivity

of their leaders, managers, and staff.

Most organizations fail to succeed at the level they want because their people perform below their potential. I help professionals break through their cognitive illusions so they can elevate their decision performance and produce at their highest level.

Successfully navigating through major disruption requires clear and effective decision making. The ability to unmask and outsmart the subconscious deceptions that influence our decisions is essential in overcoming the many challenges organizations now face in these times of change and uncertainty.


I was impressed how you built from one model to the next and related it to real world decisions and evaluations. It was excellent!”

                  - Roger Buskill,  Association for Talent Development

With programs on leadership, peak performance and positive productivity, Steve’s audiences discover how to perform at their highest level by recognizing and overriding the subconscious deceptions, shortcuts and cognitive biases that interfere with decision performance.

Steve encourages values-based decision making. Check out his Values Statement.

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