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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

From aha to ta-da.jpg

From A-ha to TA-DA!

Magically level up your performance by breaking through your invisible mind traps

Keynote program focus: Self-improvement, growth, motivation

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Each of us has amazing performance potential, but to reach it we must recognize and break through the hidden illusions that are barriers to our success.

In this motivational and entertaining program, learn how to achieve “TA-DA!” moments of success and self-improvement by recognizing and overcoming the false beliefs and stories that can trick us into negativity, fear and settling for the status quo. 

Audiences will be able to:


- Learn the secrets of attention control to better defeat distraction and misdirection 

Prioritize and leverage the massive advantages of high trust relationships

- Step out their comfort zone by recognizing and mitigating the status quo bias 

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