mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

From a-ha to ta-da.jpg

From A-ha to TA-DA!

Unleash your magical potential

by busting through

your hidden self-deceptions

Keynote program focus: Motivation, growth, fun

Each of us has amazing performance potential, but to reach it we must recognize and break through the self-deceptions that are barriers to our success.

In this motivational and entertaining program, learn from a former professional magician (a master of deception) how to achieve “Ta-da!” self-improvements by recognizing and overcoming the false beliefs and stories that can trick us into negativity, fear and settling for the status quo. 

In this motivational program, Steve helps audiences to


- Challenge what you believe about yourself and your own motivations.

- Learn when to trust - and when to question - your intuition.

- Learn to excel by overcoming the diabolical status quo bias

- Perform at your best by defeating irrational “lizard brain level” fear and negativity