mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

From a-ha to ta-da.jpg

From A-ha to TA-DA!

Unleash your magical potential

by busting through

your hidden self-deceptions

Keynote program focus: Motivation, growth, fun

Each of us has amazing performance potential, but to reach it we must recognize and break through the self-deceptions that are barriers to our success.

In this motivational and entertaining program, learn from a former professional magician (a master of deception) how to achieve “Ta-da!” self-improvements by recognizing and overcoming the false beliefs and stories that can trick us into negativity, fear and settling for the status quo. 

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In this motivational program, Steve helps audiences to


- Learn strategies for overcoming your brain’s own “misdirection” of your attention

- Discover how to prioritize the massive advantages of trust

- Learn to excel by overcoming the diabolical status quo bias

- Move past setbacks and failures by outsmarting the the impulse toward negativity