mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

Disruptions, Deceptions and Decisions

Outsmarting the hidden illusions that change and stress unleash on your decision performance

Keynote program focus: change management, decision making, critical thinking

In times of major turbulence and disruption it is more important than ever to improve our decision making skills. The best decisions are those that offer the highest probability of achieving our goals while also reflecting our core values. The uncertainty and stress of
a crisis, however, can magnify the mental illusions that sabotage our ability to think clearly and make decisions that perform well.

In this interactive program, former psychological illusionist Steve Haffner provides insights and strategies to elevate decision performance. Attendees learn to recognize and outsmart their own self-illusions - the mental shortcuts, cognitive biases, and impulsive
negativity that are amplified by disruption, and apply the strategies to their own thinking, judgment and decision making processes.

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In this program Steve helps the audience discover:

 - three effective strategies for making better decisions in the face of disruption


 - the subconscious brain wiring that subverts clear and effective leadership

 - how to unmask the three self-illusions that get elevated in a crisis

 - the self-deceptions that insert false information into your decisions