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mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

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Disruptions, Deceptions and Decisions

Elevate your decision making during times of stressful disruption and change 

Keynote program focus: change management, decision making, problem solving

Research shows that the stress from major disruptions has adverse effects on our thinking, focus, and ability to make great decisions. In times of major change and uncertainty, the induced stress amplifies our cognitive illusions and distortions, making it difficult to think clearly and make optimal decisions.

These illusions also negatively influence our ability to adapt and embrace change at a time when adaptation is vital.

In this thought-provoking program, Steve uses magical illusions to demonstrate how the mental distortions that make magic tricks look real also affect how we think and decide in our work as professionals. He provides tactics for recognizing and overcoming their effects so we can perform at our decision making best, especially during times of disruption.

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Key take-aways from Disruptions, Deceptions, and Decisions:

- Learn how disruption misdirects our attention and how we can re-direct it.

- Discover how to overcome over-reliance on habitual behavior and the status quo.

- Explore decision making strategies that produce better results under stress. 

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