mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

mentalist: speaker and entertainer

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Confront the Lizard

Build trust and loyalty by outsmarting your erroneous cognitive impulses

Keynote program focus: Leadership, brand consistency, customer and employee loyalty

Do you struggle to keep your decisions consistent with your brand? Do you and your team make judgment errors that you feel could have been avoided? Do your actions foster an environment of trust with your customers and staff?  


Our success is determined by how well our decisions align with our goals and values. However, we are frequently thwarted by our inner “lizard brain” and its subconscious shortcuts, impulses and biases that falsely influence our decision making.


In this program that is both compelling and educational, participants discover how to increase customer and employee trust and loyalty by improving their decision performance, ensuring consistency between their decisions and their brand.

Steve helps audience members discover:


• how to build and maintain client trust through brand consistency

• how relationships can be improved by overcoming the mental shortcuts that undermine customer and employee loyalty

• the self-deceptions that sabotage great decision making

• why metacognition is essential to peak performance